Et hop un saut par-ci, et hop, un saut par-là.

Rien de bien palpitant aujourd’hui. J’ai fait un banana bread pour mes collocs il y a 2h, il est déjà à moitié parti. J’ai bossé sur mon mémoire et un peu sur mes examens. Demain, je rentre en France me blottir dans les bras de mon bien-aimé. Dans un mois exactement, c’est mon anniversaire !

J’ai hâte d’y être. Avec un peu de chance, je pourrai revenir un peu plus longtemps ❤

Et pour prouver que je ne glande pas, un petit extrait (non corrigé encore) de mon mémoire à venir:

In the same way, Ithamore’s declaration to Bellamira “I’ll be thy Jason, though my golden fleece;”[1] is comical on several levels. Firstly, Ithamore has nothing heroic about him and is not even close to the character of Jason. Secondly, he doesn’t conquer Bellamira, when the Golden Fleece has to be won. Thirdly, the word “fleece” has several interesting meanings. According to the Oxford English Dictionary Online, it can be a “head or mass of hair”, which can refer to the lady’s head or to her intimate parts. Interestingly enough, Bellamira, in the staging of The Jew of Malta by Leeds’ Art Centre, wears a curly blond wig that looks very much like a sheep’s fleece. Ithamore’s assertion then becomes a bawdy pun, far from the initial positive reference to a myth. However, the play on words goes farther away, since fleece, as a verb, also means “to strip (a person, city, country, etc.), of money, property, etc. as a sheep is stripped of its fleece; to make (any one) pay to the uttermost; to exact money from or make exacting charges upon; to plunder, rob heartlessly; to victimize”. Consequently, Ithamore is not that wrong in the use of this image. Bellamira is his golden fleece in the sense that she does fleece his gold. That the gold does not even belong to him only adds another layer of laughter to the situation.

[1] IV.ii.103.

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4 thoughts on “Et hop un saut par-ci, et hop, un saut par-là.

  1. fantasticmisterfox on said:

    Cool ! Appelle-moi si ton emploi du temps n’est pas trop chargé.

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